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Test Tracks

  • High Speed Track
    High Speed Track
  • Dynamic Platform
    Dynamic Platform
  • Multi Friction Braking Track
    Multi Friction Braking Track
  • Gradient Track
    Gradient Track
  • Fatigue Track
    Fatigue Track
  • Gravel And Off Road Track
    Gravel And Off Road Track
  • Dry Handling Circuit For 4W
    Dry Handling Circuit For 4W
  • Comfort Track
    Comfort Track
  • Handling Track For 2&3 W
    Handling Track For 2&3 W
  • Sustainability Track
    Sustainability Track
  • Wet Skid Pad
    Wet Skid Pad
  • Noise Track
    Noise Track


  • Address :

    National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX)
    Agra – Mumbai Highway(NH-52),
    Next to Pithampur Flyover (From Indore)
    Post:- Khandwa (Near Pithampur)
    District:- Dhar
    Pincode:- 454774
    State:- Madhya Pradesh

  • Phone :+91 9893892310
  • Email :[email protected]

Test Labs

  • Vehicle Dynamics Lab
    Vehicle Dynamics Lab
  • Powertrain Lab
    Powertrain Lab
  • Battery Test Systems
    Battery Test Systems
  • CAD/ CAE Lab
    CAD/ CAE Lab
  • Vehicle Instrumentation Lab
    Vehicle Instrumentation Lab

Landscaping And Development Work

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  • Landscaping And Development Work


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